Laviniere Interior Designs inspired to design a collection of premium quality cushions for all occasions.

Designed and inspired by African textiles with a contemporary twist. Combining interesting colours textures details to suit modern interior design schemes. Adding luxury beautiful quality with reflections of Africa. Subtle warm colours to compliment a design scheme with ease.

Accessorising the home adds the finishing touches to a room scheme. It is what brings the colours,comfort and the sense of luxury in a space. From throws, upholstery items and cushions the various textures and colours are ultimately what will give a room a stylish look.

To have readymade cushions which are easy to purchase for clients is always ideal and cost effective to give a change of look and dynamics of a room. There is a definite trend for quality cushions with bolder prints and details. Digital printing is being used more to achieve this and produces strong colours and textures.

Traditional African fabrics and details are always of interest and suite the taste of particular clients. There is a trend for ‘ethnic’ style cushions which have a look of high end style and quality. This collection will reflect this demand.

Cushions can be a very important accessory as it can be the simplest solution to bring a room scheme together. Further design to be added to the collection with beautiful trimmings added for quality.

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